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Top 10 Things We Learned In Our 1st Year Of Business

Top 10 Things We Learned In Our 1st Year Of Business

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Hermanitas Boutique turned 1 year old this month!!!!! In honor of our anniversary we want to share with all our lovely customers and supporters,(that’s you!) what we learned this year. So, let’s get right into it

1. Starting a business with family is hard work– Let me start by saying that we knew this before we started but, it’s all the more clear when you have to do real work. Sometimes we expect or take for granted what our familia does for us and that can get you in some strange situations. Not all families can/should work together but, if you decide to take it on there can be some incredibly rewarding moments. Creating clear roles and responsibilities helps ease some of the tensions that can occur.

2. ORGANIZE!ORGANIZE!ORGANIZE!- Did I mention you have to be organized? Lol! Personally, I still love using paper planners to write my notes and organize my week and that little habit has helped us a ton. Sitting at my desk, with my planner, looking at the month ahead gave me a great way to organize everything that needed to get done. I could easily plan for upcoming projects and even write down little notes about what I accomplished that day.

3. Have a great idea? Follow it through When you get a great idea it’s easy to talk about it but don’t stop there follow through. Figure out the steps to get your idea out of your head and into the real world. It may take several tries to get there but seeing the finished product is soo worth it!

4. Go ahead and take a break it will be OK- When you own a business it seems like your work is never done and that can make you feel like you can’t stop and take a break but that is NOT true. You CAN take your break and even enjoy it and the world will not crumble around you. Unbelievable right? Well believe it!

5. Keep learning   Seek out your small business center and look for classes you can take. If you are just starting out and don’t have a background in business these classes are incredibly helpful. Many classes are free or provided at a small fee. Aside from all the new things you learn you will also meet other local business owners.

6. Be resourceful– Inevitably there will be situations that are less than ideal but you have to make it work. Out at and event and need a lamp ask around and don’t be afraid to help each other out. See someone struggling help them out because one day it may be you that needs that help. Thinking on your feet and being resourceful is something every small business owner needs.

7. Take advice Growing up our tia had her own business so when we started out we obviously sought her advice on running a business. Listening to others who have more experience than you can be a real asset when you are starting out. Just talking and collaborating with other business owners can open many doors for you. We are grateful for the advice and experiences that have been shared with us.

8. Don’t do unorganized events – There will be good and bad days in business and that is something we must all prepare for but don’t be a doormat. If you set up at events as a vendor and things are not how they should be speak up. Well organized events are good for the vendors and the events but when an event is unorganized it can cost you. Organizers who don’t respond, communicate or notify you of changes do not care enough about your business. These events are not worth your time and hard work.

9. Be your own commercial- Want to show of your product? Do it yourself! We make t-shirts and sometimes the best way to promote them is to wear them.  When it catches someones eye we can strike up a conversation. Sharing the story of how we came up with the line or one particular design is a great way to promote our business.

10. Know what your business is doing and why- When we started our business we had one goal in mind and it has been very important that we continue to strive towards that goal. We wanted to create a line of clothing and accessories that reflected our familia and cultura.  Along the way you get questions like “Why do you make shirts in Spanish?” and the answer is we have spoken Spanish all our lives, its part of who we are. When we look for cute clothes that reflect us or our cultura we don’t see to many options. We wanted to change that and we want to continue to feature Spanish in our future designs.

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