The birth of my first niece

The Birth of My First Niece




The birth of my first niece

Ana in labor
waiting to meet her little lady

This October marks my first nieces, 1st birthday and I as I look back on all the growing and wonderful memories she has given us I wanted to write about her birth. Anyone who knows me, is aware of how I write about my dreams. The night before my niece was born I had a dream that my sister in law was in labor and the moment I woke up I began texting my sisters to find out if indeed she was in labor. Just like in my dream I received a text saying that my sister in law was having what she felt were contractions and was headed to the hospital. I know that my dream had a role in getting me to be at her side. Up to this this point the only births I had every experienced were my own. I felt especially concerned about her labor because she had a c-section with her first pregnancy and had a few complications with both of her pregnancies. I had my third baby at home just four months before and all the love and support my husband provided me during my labor were still fresh in my mind. I went into the delivery room just wanting to be supportive in any way that I could.

We walked around together, I encouraged her as she breathed through contractions and sometimes just got a her a sip of water. Simple task that didn’t require to much on my part. It wasn’t that her husband wasn’t helping but there are certain things as  women we can relate to. Both of us had given birth in different ways but we wanted the same things to have a birth were we felt listened to and cared for. I’m not gonna lie there were though times when  it looked like maybe she wasn’t going to be able to have a vbac but we all kept in mind what she wanted. I am so in awe of what we can do with a little love and support. She went into that delivery not knowing how anything would turn out but with a little support she did it! She was able to deliver her little lady with out any intervention and she got her vbac. Everyone talked about how helpful I had been during her labor but I knew she did all the work. I simply encouraged her and reminded her of what she was capable of. Sometimes we all need that little voice that reminds us that we have it in us to do what needs to be done. Having the opportunity to be there during this delivery and be a part of my niece coming into this world is an amazing thing.

The birth of my first niece will always hold a special place in my heart. It reminds me to be kind, respectful and supportive to one another especially when we are in a vulnerable state. I knew what a doula was but I never understood the important role they have. If every you find yourself in a difficult situation never underestimate the power or love and support.



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