Right Age for Makeup?

Right Age for Makeup?

Right age for makeup?

Right Age for Makeup?
My daughter just “looking” at my makeup

I don’t know what it is about makeup that draws little ones to play with it but It did make me wonder when my daughter would ask the inevitable question.  If my daughter asked me if she could wear makeup what would my answer be? Growing up my mother never let us put on makeup or even showed us how to apply makeup. My mother studied cosmetology and never shared any of her secret techniques with us. We always saw our mother with makeup,she is rarely without it, but she always told us that make up would age us and that we should not use it. Lucky for her I wasn’t as interested in makeup and neither was my sister. To be honest, I learned to apply makeup by trial and error and as I got older I became more interested in different types of makeup.

When it comes to my daughter I want her to understand that she is beautiful without makeup and that her self-worth should not be connected to the way that she looks. I feel that makeup is a way to enhance the features we already have and I don’t mind if my daughter one day decides to wear makeup. The issue lies in what age is the right age? I’ve heard all sort of arguments why little girls shouldn’t wear make up like it takes away their innocence, makes them grow up to fast it ruins their skin and so on. Moms of teenagers I have spoken to have mostly expressed that they wished their daughters had come to them first before doing things like plucking eyebrows, putting on a ton of makeup, or using damaging cosmetic products. I still have some time before my daughter can actually correctly apply makeup but when she does I hope I can share her experience with her.

What do you guys think? What is the right age for wearing makeup? Is there no right age? Would you let your little girl wear makeup? What age did you start wearing makeup? What were you taught about makeup? Let me know in the comments section below








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