Mercado “Market” Supply List

Mercado “Market” Supply List

Hi vendor amigxs! Anyone who knows me knows I tend to be prepared for just about anything that happens at an event.  I would love to share my list of must haves at your mercado to help get your market tool kit ready to go.

Also know that being a part of a market is not all about just going.  If you do not feel mentally prepared or in any way uncomfortable with the market know when to say no.  What is most important is that you love what you do and the events you are a part of.

Feel Free to print this and use at your next event  Vendor Checklist

vendor checklist, mercado checklist
Vendor Checklist PG 1
Vendor Checklist, Vendor Checklist pg 2, Mercado Checklist
Vendor Checklist PG 2

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