With my ERGO at the Alamo

Why I love my Ergo Baby Carrier

Why I love my ERGO baby carrier

Baby Wearing
Baby wearing with and ERGO and a Boba


When it comes to baby products I can tell you as a mom of three that I have tried a boatload of products. Like most parents I want to find things that make my life easier and that my munchkins love. Baby carriers is something that I didn’t really get into until by second baby. My daughter was the fussiest of the bunch and I needed to do things around the house so I got baby carriers. We tried a few until we found one that we were both comfortable with. It ended up being a hand me down rebozo we used as a sling. She loved it and we were able to get things done. With my last baby we tried the rebozo but he wasn’t as a big a fan as his sister had been. When he was very small I used a boba wrap and we loved it!! Every once in a while my son wants to be carried in a BOBA wrap still but, bc he can stretch out of it we can’t safely wear him in that stretchy wrap any more.  I have since given one of my boba wraps away, very reluctantly I will admit. We enjoyed using it and after some practice it was a breeze. My wraps and slings however, didn’t appeal to my hubby. He tried them but ultimately felt kinda tangled up. To us the point of baby wearing was to be close to baby and to be able to still get other things done. We had two other kiddos to care for so we did some research

We wanted a carrier that:

  • Was easy to use and safe
  • Had several different carry options
  • One that fit several different body types
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable (under $100)

Based on that we looked at some carriers carried at babies r us and Target. To be honest we didn’t really like those and the only one we did like was the Ergo and it was pretty pricey at Target. So, I did a little bit of searching  and I found an Ergo at Marshall’s for only $69.99. Marshall’s didn’t have a huge selections of colors or styles but they had an organic version and it was an ok color. So we scooped it up and started playing around with it.

I must admit I really wanted to love it but when I first tried it on I didn’t love it. It felt a little uncomfortable and I had to look up some videos on How to use an ERGO Baby Carrier  After several tries we started to get the hang of it and we use it to this day! I carry that ERGO everywhere for quick trips to the store, for walks with my toddler and sometimes to help my son nap. My husband, my mother, my sisters and I all use it so it accommodates different sizes. Last week when my truck broke down and I had to get my oldest to school  by taking the bus I grabbed my ERGO and took off. I can’t tell you how much having that little thing around has helped me. When ladies on the bus see me they comment on how much easier it seems than lugging a car seat or a stroller on and off of the bus. I can carry my youngest, hold the hand of my daughter and go about my day. If I had to pick my favorite baby essentials this would be in my top five!

With my ERGO at the Alamo
With my ERGO at the Alamo
Baby Wearing at Griffith Observatory
Baby Wearing at Griffith Observatory



Are you a baby wearing mama? What are some of your favorite carriers? Your least favorite? Where have you worn your baby? Share with us!


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