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Frida Kahlo paper dolls, cocktails and reminiscing

Frida Kahlo paper dolls, cocktails and reminiscing

Frida Friday!!!! Hi everyone! For this Frida Friday we decided to open up a little book of Frida paper dolls that Jasmin picked up in Mexico. Paper dolls have always been a favorite of ours. Our Tia Letty and our parents would pick up Neiman Marcus catalogs and magazines to give to us. Within those catalogs there were paper doll and outfits. Since there were two of us, we would trace the dolls and some of the outfits so we could each have one. Paper is inexpensive and you can create just about any outfit your heart desires. We spent hours playing with these dolls and sometimes we would even laminate (by that we mean cover them in packing tape) them to keep them pristine condition. When Jasmin found these Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera paper dolls we had to get them.

We have posted a little bit on our @Hermanitas_Boutique Instagram page and on our Hermanitas Boutique Facebook page about this adventure. We asked our friends and followers if they we should do a video of us cutting the dolls out while drinking cocktails. The votes were counted and cocktails it is! Hope you enjoy this little video compilation of us reliving our childhood and creating some paper doll drama. It’s such a great feeling to remember those fun times playing at our casa. Shout out to our parents and our Tia Letty for giving us those magazines and catalogs! Muchas Gracias to Erica from @DesertFlowerDesigner for putting up with all our silliness and keeping her composure through it all.

 Watch the video here——-> Paperdolls 

Let us know what you thought of our video!! Did you ever play with paper dolls or make elaborate videos about it?

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