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For all the Cabronas!

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For all the Cabronas!


We love making our Cabrona shirts! Often people ask us why Cabrona? That’s a fair question and we want to share with you why we choose to put Cabrona on our products.

To start off we have to explain that Cabrona is a word we have heard from family and friends for years. Like many Mexican – American families our language is a blend of English and Spanish. Our father loved to use very colorful language (aka he cursed a lot). Not just when he was mad or upset but basically for anything. If there was a tricky problem we couldn’t figure out he would say “Pues esta cabron! ” Rough translation ” that’s a tough one!” My sister Jasmin and I have always been curious and hosiconas and we were always getting in to something. Our dad would say ” Estas guercas Cabronas!” when we were being bad or when we did something good. We heard it so much that it became more like a term endearment. When our dad called us Cabronas we knew he loved us and that we must of done something. To this day when someone calls me a Cabrona it makes me smile.

Currently, we have taken to using words and phrases that might have been hurtful before and using them to empower each other. Cabronas, Chingonas,Chingonx, Hociconas, Gordas, Flacas, Morenitas and Gueritas are just a few of the words we now hear almost daily . Something that might have been used before to bring us down we now use to bring each other up. We know that some people read the shirt and get offended when they hear themselves say the word CA-BRO-N-A and we are OK with that. We will continue to make clothes and accessories that reflect who we are and we hope that you can keep sharing your Cabrona/o stories with us. We love hearing them! Let us know what your childhood nickname was? What’s a dicho or word that reminds you of your childhood?

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