DIY Sweater Upcycle

DIY Sweater Upcycle

DIY Sweater Upcycle

Ever find a cute sweater that’s in great condition but it’s too small? I was gifted an adorable cashmere sweater but it was too small for me. What was I supposed to do?? I hate to waste a great piece of clothing so I decided to do a diy sweater upcycle. It was a size small and had enough fabric so I could make it into a toddler cardigan. So if you have a sweater laying around you can upcycle it too!


  1. Cute sweater
  2. scissors
  3. buttons or closures
  4. thread
  5. needle
  6. Sewing machine
  7. fabric scraps or embellishments

Alright, now that you got all your material together let’s get started. You can make this with a sewing machine or sew it by hand if you have patience. In order to make this upcycle as easy as possible try to keep as many of the hems as possible and only cut if you must.

Step 1:

Find the middle of the front of your sweater and then cut a straight line down the middle. If you need to use a ruler to make a straight line.

DIY Sweater Upcycle
DIY Sweater Upcycle

Step 2:

I don’t have a great picture of this but to make the sweater the right size I used a long sleeve shirt my daughter already had and with the sweater inside out I traced the shirt onto the old sweater. I made sure to leave about an inch to allow me room to sew the pieces back together.

Step 3:

Depending on what you choose as closures this step might be different. My daughter choose these cute cookie heart shaped buttons to put on the sweater. I folded the edges of the front of the sweater and sewed them down. This gave me room to make the buttonholes and sew my buttons to either side. I used my sewing machine to make the button holes and then hand sewed the buttons onto the sweater.

DIY Sweater Upcycle (2)


DIY Sweater Upcycle
DIY Sweater Upcycle Final Product
DIY Sweater Reuse
DIY Sweater Reuse


And that’s it! The total cost of this upcycle is about $5 not counting the time spent making it. So go check your closet and see what you can make. Share your pictures with us if you upcyle a sweater.

Some  helpful hints:

*If you need some help making buttonholes by hand check this article out for some great tips

*You can search for sweaters at local thrift stores and yard sales

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