A Little About Us


A little about us

Let us share a little about us. We grew up in a family of many talented, creative and loving individuals that always supported our dreams. From a very young age my sister and I were making clothes for each other and for our toys. Using the scraps of fabric our grandmother gave us from her own sewing creations, we filled our afternoons with design and fun. We have carried the do it yourself attitude with us where ever we go and continue to love creating beautiful items. Our clothing designs remind us of where we came from and allow younger generations to enjoy a little bit of the past. When we created Hermanita’s Boutique we achieved a long awaited dream.

We create women and children’s items inspired by our culture and our love of family. We hope you love the items in our shop as much as we love making them. The items that are not made by us are carefully selected to ensure quality. As we grow and add items to our shop our values are still the same; family, creativity and functionality.

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